Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Curio Bay & Waterfalls

 Pink highlight is where we stayed & the blue highlight is places we stopped at,clicking on images will enlarge them

First up this morning, no quiet way to leave the car, went for a walk then came back & got myself a coffee sachet & went to the kitchen to wait for Peter to get up. After breakfast we went to Surat Bay to see if we could see some sea lions, some people has said they had seen a few there yesterday, they were probably sunning themselves which wouldn’t be the case today as it was drizzling. We walked for a little while then decided it was a lost cause & went back to the car. 

We headed toward Ratanui,taking a detour to Hina Hina turning into Jacks Bay Road Peter spotted these trees that had fallen over/down taking the top soil with them ,revealing all these shell, made a rather unusual sight, as always I had to take a photo.

 Continuing on our way we stopped at all the falls along the way (three in all) Very short walks from the car parks & well worth the effort. The Maclean falls the longest walk was well worth the trip, just beautiful. By now it was about 1pm we had blue skies & 17 degrees...this was at the turn off to Waikawa.

 Purakaunui Falls above & below were featured on a New Zealand postage stamp in 1976

Horseshoe Falls

The McLean Falls on the Tautuku River in Catlins Forest Park descends a number of steep drop offs and terraces and are often described as the most spectacular in the region

As we were leaving McLeans falls I spotted some of these fungi on the side of the road,got Peter to go back so I could take a photo...I believe they are called Amanita muscaria

 Pulled up at Curio Bay,we cooked some ham & cheese toasted sandwiches for lunch before heading down to view the Fossilized Forest. This is another place we had been to before but once again worth another look.As luck would have it we got to see four yellow eyed penguins up near the embankment, so that was a bonus.This photo was taken from a fair distance & wasn't really that great,managed to make it a bit better with a bit of tweaking.

Along the Catlins coast is the Hoiho (Yellow-eyed Penguin)  the world's rarest penguin - which nest around the Curio Bay and Waikawa area.So we were pretty lucky to see any,think we saw one last time.

Curio Bay is the site of one of the world's finest fossilized forest from the Jurassic period over 180 million years old. It is easily accessible at low tide or can be viewed from a platform.

Because these trees are fossilized they just look like stone ,quite amazing.

Arrived Invercargill around 4pm, booked into Timber Tops they were right in town & walking distance to everything.It was $30 for an unpowered site, plus you needed a pin number for the camp kitchen & shower. The camp kitchen here was pretty woeful, apart from the fact they had plenty of hotplates, but they didn’t have much in the way of plates & cutlery, although they did have a few pots. The lounge was diabolical, felt like you were sitting on the floor. Went for a walk up town, had a drink at The Speights Ale House, quite nice, tried the Isaacs cider not bad.On the way back we stopped at the Kelvin Hotel ,we went upstairs to what the actually caledl the Level 1 bar.I tried a Montheiths cider,very drinkable,the bar had a nice atmosphere,they even had free peanuts. 

We had steak, crumbed garlic sausages & veges for tea,Peter really liked the crumbed sausages haven't seen anything like them here in OZ.

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