Thursday, February 2, 2012

Dunedin Railway Station

A trip into town by bus from Fairfield was $9.00 for the two of us.We did a bit of shopping (Peter's favorite pass time ha ha) before heading to the Exchange area to take some photos of the Dunedin Railway Station plus some of the other old buildings.The Dunedin Railway Station is New Zealand’s most photographed building (it was a bit hard to get a photo of the whole building.)

The Taieri Gorge train is a sightseeing trip,departing from the historic Dunedin Railway Station.The trip takes you through to Pukerangi taking you across wrought iron viaducts and through tunnels carved by hand more than 100 years ago(photo from 2009 trip)

Dunedin railway station, designed by George Troup and completed in 1904


This is a link to a panoramic view of the Dunedin railway station balcony

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