Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Invercargill to Monkey Island

 Pink highlight is where we stayed & the blue highlight is places we stopped at,clicking on images will enlarge them

 Once we had Breaky we did a little more shopping at Invercargill before heading on our way again. We brought a large water as the Jucy mob had neglected to check to see if we had any, plus the bit we did manage to pump out had black scale or something in it,so we brought 6 litres. By the time we had done that it was around 11am nice weather so far 16 degrees.

Stopped at Riverton for a look, very picturesque place.I went to the Paua shop, they had some beautiful things, the old paua shell has come up in the world. It is certainly getting more refined as far as what they make from it these days.

Took the tourist drive around the beach, you could see Stewart Island from where we were...small but you could see it. Picked up a beautiful paua shell & took some photos of the colours. Back nearer town we had a look at some rather unusual rocks on the beach near the river

 Paua shell

Interest in the rocks at Riverton has exploded after scientists from Geological and Nuclear Sciences visited the area rock formations last year.Among those were Riverton's argillite, as well as "Brook Street terrane" a  rock from the centre of the Earth.

 Decided to check out a freedom camp area at Colac Bay, wasn’t what we liked so moved on to the next one a few kilometers along, Monkey Island near Orepuki. This was more along the lines of what we wanted, it was now 2pm . We went for a walk out along the rocks when we arrived as it was low tide,Peter found heaps of mussels so went back to get a bag.

 Arrows are pointing to where Peter is gathering mussels,the other is the sandstone cliffs where the foot holes are.

 Monkey island

After Peter got his mussels we found a sheltered spot and then went for another walk along the beach with sandstone cliffs on our right. The interesting thing about the cliffs (apart from names being etched into them) they had foot holes dug into them in various places. Reminded me of rock climbing wall the way they were spaced.

 Back of Mr Jucy,showing the "kitchen area"

These vans were parked over looking the beach,we camped to the left further back in a sheltered grassed area.

Sandstone cliffs showing the foot holes

Before the road from Riverton was formed, a slipway was built at the island so that boats (being the only means of delivering supplies) could be unloaded.A "Monkey Winch" was used to haul boats ashore and it is presumed that this is the reason it is called Monkey Island. the island is accessible at low tide.

After Peter complaining about no sun in Dunedin, the sun out did itself here. It was very warm with a lovely blue sky & he was finding a bit hot, must admit so was I.

Just to say we did have a beautiful blue sky

Peter's make shift hat with a very fashionable PAK'nSAVE bag

 It was a lovely relaxing day here

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