Saturday, February 25, 2012

Omaka Aviation Heritage Center

We left the motel about 9.45 as we were waiting for the Aviation Heritage Center & Classic Car Museum at Omaka to open( which was 10.00)

Apart from the amazing displays of planes there was also a huge section on War memorabilia from various countries,really not enough time to fully take in all the information on display.

All below information was found on the Omaka Aviation Heritage Center web site  although I did take the photos.


At the time war broke out in Europe, Austrian designer Igo Etrich's elegant Taube had already been a successful aircraft for four years, having first flown in 1910. Harking back to the centuries of man wanting to 'fly like a bird', the Taube (Dove) has the distinction of being the most bird-like of any successful aeroplane ever built.


Built as a two-seat day-bomber the D.H.4 was another successful design from the design office of Geoffrey de Havilland.


Built for the landmark WW1 aviation movie 'The Blue Max', filmed in Ireland during the late 1960s, this aircraft was one of two flying examples of the extinct Pfalz D.III produced for that landmark movie.

This display shows the crashed, blood-red Fokker Triplane with the late Manfred von Richthofen lying beside it as Australian ground troops tear the Triplane apart for souvenirs, just as it happened 89 years ago.


Easily the most photographed exhibit at the AHC is the 'aeroplane in a tree' display.

A story to make all New Zealanders proud is that of Kiwi pilot Keith Logan 'Grid' Caldwell. A successful combatant and highly respected leader, Grid Caldwell became New Zealand's highest scoring ace with 25 aerial victories to his credit.


Designed by Glenn H. Curtiss, the beautiful flying boat on display  is one of only four examples known to exist.
The cars were good as well,but Peter probably enjoyed them more than me.We ended up leaving there at 11.45 & 19 degrees...beautiful.

We drove on to Kaikoura,the scenery changed dramatically,very dry grassy looking,no trees,then a few vineyards abit further along more hops.

Along the coast a various spots you could see the seals basking on the rocks not far from the road,unfortunately no place to stop by the time I spied them.

Stopped at Kaikoura & had lunch,nice view of the ocean across the road from where we were sitting.Did some shopping,then continued on our way following the coast,more seals & very pretty.

 View from the restaurant

One of the three sides of the town clock,each different

As we didn't really have any idea of where we were going to stop ,we ended up at Cheviot,staying at the back of the Cheviot Hotel Motor Lodge $10.Actually ended up being a pain as there was no kitchen,so we went & found a park with a seat to have our tea,had to start using up our food stuff.

Church Cheviot

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