Friday, February 24, 2012

Picton to Blenheim

 Pink highlight is where we stayed & the blue highlight are places we stopped at,clicking on images will enlarge them

We left Picton at 8.30, temperature 17 degrees,beautiful outside,although a bit overcast.

The scenery after we left Picton was mainly wineries which then gave way to some pretty boring scenery,especially after all the greenery we had seen.

Made our way to the tourist information at Blenheim only to find out the Riverboat Cruise I wanted to go on for lunch was canceled due to clearing the weeds from the waterway,just our luck.Decided we would go back to Picton which was about a half hour drive.Once back in Picton,we decided we would go over to the Lochmara Resort to have lunch.

We had a bit of time to fill in before our trip so went for another drive stopping at a few little rest spots along the way.

Karaka Point,Interisland ferry in background

There was a rest area here,I decided to go on the walk while Peter waited.

Waikawa Bay lots of pretty Bays like this in the area

Time now to get organized for our trip,once again we are waiting for people who are running late,we waited for about 1/2 an hour, because they were guests staying at Lochmara ,this was particularly annoying as we were a day only trip,so that took that time off our stay....really annoyed me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our water Taxi for Lochmara

I thought the place was nice ,it combined art & sculptures throughout the resort,bit of a maze actually.

Some of the many sculptures scattered throughout the resorts grounds

 Not for the faint hearted or unfit...Queen Charlotte Track

 Grumpys camp

BBQ area & pizza oven

Couple of the locals

Peter relaxing on the trip back to Picton

We got back to Picton around 3 pm 22 degrees,lovely. We went back to Blenheim ,found where Ray worked & we organized to meet up for tea at the Corner Stone Pub.

We were going to stay at a camp ground,but decided to stay at The Blenheim Palm close to town & a close walk to the pub.The pub had a nice atmosphere ,our meals were nice  & we enjoyed our catch up with Ray.

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