Wednesday, February 29, 2012


We woke pretty early as our flight left around 7am we had to be there about 90 minutes before it left.We had organized our Taxi the day before & set our alarm so there was no chance of sleeping in.
Check in was pretty painless , we didn't have a long wait as we were one of the first in the line.Once we were checked in we had awhile to fill in, but at least we had got rid of our bags & didn't have to cart them around with us. I still have to refine our packing, I’m sure I can still travel with less. By the time you pick up your duty free, you feel a bit like a camel.

 View from our flight

The flight was uneventful, just as it should be, arrived on time ,8.30am & went through customs in no time. We checked our bags through at the Domestic terminal then headed for the train into the city as our flight was later in the afternoon. The cost of a return trip via train was (well I thought) was a little on the expensive side,but I guess so is everything else.

The Queen Elizabeth was in Sydney... huge ship

Bit of Trivia....Sydney Harbour Bridge is the world's largest steel arch bridge...also one of Australia's well-known celebrities Paul Hogan was once part of a workforce virtually permanently employed repainting the Sydney Harbour Bridge, in that they started another coat of paint after finishing the last.

 Restaurant in the area

 Colorful sight seeing bus

We got off at Circular Quay & decided to walk to The Rocks area & hopefully find a nice place for lunch. It had been years since we had been there, I think the  last time was when Mum & Dad came over in 1993,when I had my op.

Our memory on how to get to The Rocks was a bit vague, ended up walking for a lot longer than we should have, plus it was getting rather hot. Turn me around & I lose all sense of direction, but this time I was sure we were going the wrong way (I was right) that’s all I’m going to say. Finally found our destination, then a pub for a cool drink before deciding on where to eat. Checked the menus out at a couple of places before we made a decision on stopping at one, we then made our way back to Mascot to finish our travels.

We had a nice time in New Zealand ,when I visit I usually only stay in Dunedin as I am visiting family.It's been awhile since I've done any traveling in New Zealand. I thought things were rather expensive,but maybe that is just the cost of traveling these days,anyway it was a great trip,next time it will be the North Island.

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