Friday, February 3, 2012

A few photos of some of the churches around the city area,the architecture of these buildings is just amazing,First Church below was built using Gothic style architecture designed by Robert Lawson a very interesting read about this fellow.

 First Church in Moray Place.In 1998 First Church of Otago and Dunedin celebrated 150 years of settlement,1998 also marked 125 years since the opening of this church in November 1873.

Knox Church  houses the city's second Presbyterian congregation and is the city's largest church of any denomination .Situated close to the universaty at the northern end of the CBD on George street, it is visible from much of the central city.Knox Church was also designed by Lawson.

 Knox Church

 Knox Church

 St Paul's Anglican Church in the Octagon is the mother church of the Anglican Diocese of Dunedin & the seat of the Bishop of Dunedin

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