Monday, February 13, 2012

The Catlins

 Pink highlight is where we stayed & the blue highlight is places we stopped at,clicking on images will enlarge them

Dad & Jeanne took us out to the Airport to pick up our Mr Jucy Cabana.The staff  at the rental kiosk were very helpful & friendly, we got an extra Doona for Mr frog as well as another pillow as they seemed rather flat ,the young guy showed us how everything worked & gave us an extra 4 gas cylinders as well. After saying our goodbyes we headed off in the direction of the Catlins,which was about 11.40am.

We didn’t really have a plan of attack, so made our way to Balclutha stopping for a counter lunch & doing a bit of shopping. Decided to revisit “The Nuggets” the day wasn’t too bad as we headed up the track to the light house.We could hear seal pups playing below in the rock pools, bit far away to get any good photos although I did try.

The light began operating in July 1870. It was originally powered by oil illumination. In 1949 the light was converted to diesel-generated electric power, and then later connected to mains electricity.
Nugget Point lighthouse was automated and the last keeper was withdrawn in 1989.

Nugget Point is one of the most iconic landforms on the Otago coast. Located at the northern end of the Catlins Coast surrounded by rocky islets (The Nuggets).

 We made a stop at Owaka Pub, we were nearly ready to go when the local cop came in. We won’t park near the pub next time, made you nervous, a green Mr Jucy van kind of stands out when you are the only car out the front.Owaka is the largest town in the Catlins area & was established by pioneers in the late 1800s. The town was originally called Catlins River, then Quakerfield (glad they settled on a name)

 Made the decision to stay at Pounawea again,just a small park close to the beach, bit windy now,$28 unpowered site….$35 powered. We set up our bed, also organized our cases a bit better, other than that all seemed fine. The camp kitchen here is great, as it was 6 years ago. All you need if you don’t have your own stuff, plus TV for those who want it.Last time we were here we braved the wind & got ourselves some cockles the tide wasn't right this time.

 Walk from Motor camp to beach


 Camp kitchen

Had cheese & nibbles for tea since we had a counter lunch, I’m drinking cask wine so filled up a 1 litre milk container so it will fit in the waco.Bed was roomy enough, but felt a tad hard.

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